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Chocovia Chocolates exports to 30 countries and received the first export prize from the Western Mediterranean Exporters Association.

+90 (246) 556 55 76 Isparta/TURKEY
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About Us

Chocovia adventure started in 1935 in Tavşanlı. Korkmazlar family owned company launched the production line in 1935. For 85 years we are producing the best for our esteem customers in local market and all over the world. Endeavor of every generation, we put on experience and we put on excellence to our products. Within the unique tastes and design of our Chocovia chocolate, we produce special chocolate, chocolate coated dragees, praline chocolate bulk basis and in gifting box designs, in special days design and so on.


In our factory located in Turkey, we continue to add innovations to the production of dried nuts and dragees by giving importance to R&D studies.


Our company, which has achieved great success in the name of institutionalism, has increased its capacity by following the technological systems, and has given particular importance to hygiene and human health in its production.

High Quality

Our company, which gives priority to high quality and food safety, has proven its production at high standards by having BRC Food, IFS Food and Halal certificates.

Hygiene and Freshness

Our company, which aims at quality and customer satisfaction in its products, always prioritizes hygiene and freshness in production.

Food Safety

With our experienced staff who are aware of the importance of human health, our controls in both dried nuts and dragee production continue from raw material purchase until they reach the consumer.

Chocolate Varieties

Our company, which is open to innovations with the developing technology, increases its product range day by day and continues its R&D studies at full speed.




Years of Experience


Export to Country


First Prize

Beşler Kuruyemiş carries out its production in 9.000 m² closed area and 15.000 m² open area. In many regions, our products are offered to consumers through warehouses, sales stores and branches. Our company, which appeals to many audiences both at home and abroad, continues to serve our consumers without compromising its reliable identity and honesty.