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Chocovia Chocolates exports to 30 countries and received the first export prize from the Western Mediterranean Exporters Association.

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Our Unique Flavors

Chocovia Chocolates exports to 30 countries and received the first export prize from the Western Mediterranean Exporters Association.


Milk, bitter and special madlen chocolates from Chocovia.


Bonta Series with milk, bitter, pistachio and hazelnut varieties from Chocovia.



Milky, bitter and special Assorti Series from Chocovia.


Truffle or Truffle Chocolate. A special taste from Chocovia.

Hazelnut Stuffed Chocolate

Chocovia special hazelnut filled chocolate.

Special Filling Chocolates

Chocovia special, different shapes of filling chocolates.

Bonta Series

Chocovia milk, hazelnut and bitter Bonta Series.

Luccia Series

Chocovia Luccia Special Series with you.

Truffles Series

The best form of chocolate: Truffles.

Livadia Series

Chocovia new Livadia Series with you.

Incredible Taste

Chocovia Chocolatier is the constant source of the rapid smile on faces, regardless of size or shape.

We believe that chocolate is the fastest cure for happiness. We guarantee involuntary smiles every time we meet with your palate.

We are the constant source of smiles on faces. From the first moment the scent of the delicious flavor hits your nose, the shot of the chocolate captures you.

Choose Your Flavor

In every moment of life on the most special days and holidays, besides the coffees that you drink with the sake of 40 years in the company of pleasant conversations with your loved ones… And the flavors like these are with us in many sweet moments of life.

Special Series

We continue to create special experiences for you with innovative approaches without breaking our traditions with our special series and unique products, each of which is produced with its own recipes.

A Sweet Bite

Some of our unique products, each produced with their own recipes.

Milk Chocolate

It's tiny, but it's a storehouse of vitamins.

Classic Milky

Unchanging, timeless taste

Dark Chocolate

An intense and unique taste

Bonta Milk Chocolate

A special series, a special taste

Bonta Bitter

More intense and unique

Milky Special

A different and special taste

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    Chocolatier 1935

    Since 1935, we have blended our love of chocolate with our experience. Yesterday, today and tomorrow, cocoa beans will continue to turn into Chocovia's works of art.

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    Our company, which was established in 1991, aims at quality and customer satisfaction in its products and always prioritizes hygiene and freshness in production.

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    Leading Company

    KORKMAZLAR A.Ş., which has been producing roasted chickpea and roasted chickpea varieties for three generations in 2007. It has become one of the leading companies in its sector.

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    First Prize

    In 2011, it started to produce chocolate dragee with its varieties of nuts and in line with its R&D studies, and exported to 30 countries in a short time and received the first prize in export by the Western Mediterranean Exporters Association.

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    Our company, which is open to innovations with the developing technology, increases its product range day by day. Our company, which appeals to many audiences both at home and abroad, continues to serve our consumers without compromising its reliable identity and honesty.